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Please note that you cannot unsubscribe to 'service emails' which provide members with important information relating to their account. 

Our Member Services team aim to answer your query within 3 working days (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).

Occasionally, it may take longer if we are experiencing high levels of queries from our members, but please be assured that we'll be working hard to respond to you as swiftly as we can. 

Our aim is to give you the best savings on your Wolves purchases. We don’t have expensive call centres, so we can pass more savings on to you. 

We offer all our support via our websites and query support. We find it best that all conversations are kept online so that we both have a record of all correspondence – this also allows us to check your account in more detail and have all the information at hand to help you in the best manner that we can. 

We aim to respond to queries within 3 working days (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm). 

Occasionally, it may take longer if we are experiencing high levels of queries from our members, but please be assured that we'll be working hard to respond to you as swiftly as we can.

Unspent Wolves Cash collected on Ticketing and Merchandise will be deleted at midnight on the 31st May each year. 

Additionally, If you do not log in to your Wolves Rewards account AND collect / spend Wolves Cash for a period of six months or more, then your account will be classed as 'dormant' and your Wolves Cash balance will expire. 

To save your Wolves Cash, there's two steps you will need to complete: 

  1. Log in to your Wolves Rewards account AND 
  1. Collect or spend Wolves Cash 

But don’t worry! We will contact you by e-mail beforehand to let you know that your Account is at risk of being re-classified as a Dormant Account and that your Wolves Cash balance may be cancelled as a result. If you then log-in to your Account AND collect or spend Wolves Cash within the period specified in the email, your Account status will remain active. 

Before we say goodbye, we just need to check that you wish to close your account completely and stop collecting Wolves Cash or if you wish to stop receiving emails from us.

If you do just want to stop receiving emails, you can manage your marketing preferences here.

If you want to close your Wolves Rewards account completely, please email hello@wolvesrewards.members-services.com and our Member Services team will help you do this.

How can I collect Wolves Cash with Wolves

If you are either a Wolves season ticket holder or member, you can collect Wolves Cash when purchasing Home League Match Tickets, Official Away Travel and merchandise. Wolves Cash cannot be collected when buying season tickets, away match tickets, memberships, or hospitality or when purchasing a gift card.

Wolves Cash collected on Home League Match Tickets and Official Away Travel will be added automatically to your Wolves account as pending until one day after the event.

Wolves Cash collected on Merchandise will be added automatically to your Wolves account as pending for 28 days to allow for returns.

As a season ticket holder or member, you can collect unlimited Wolves Cash when purchasing Home League Match Tickets, Official Away Travel and merchandise.

If you are missing Wolves Cash in relation to a purchase made with Wolves, please contact Wolves directly on fanservices@wolves.co.uk

Spending Wolves Cash with Wolves

Wolves Cash can be spent on memberships, home premier league matches, and official away travel by visiting the Wolves website or by calling the Ticket Office on 0371 222 2220. 

Wolves Cash be spent on merchandise by either visiting the Wolves Store online or in-store at the Molineux Stadium. 

If you are visiting the Wolves website, look out for the option to use your Wolves Cash at the checkout. Simply choose the amount of Wolves Cash you wish to spend (you can pay in full or part-pay) and your basket will update and allow you to complete the purchase as normal. Any Wolves Cash you have spent will be instantly removed from your Wolves account. 

If you’ve followed the steps above and are still having difficulties, please email hello@wolvesrewards.members-services.com and we will assist further. 

Collecting Wolves Cash with Retail Partners

All Wolves fans (excluding international supporters) who create a Wolves Rewards account can collect Wolves Cash with our 3,500+ online retailers.  

To collect Wolves Cash with over 3,500 retail partners, you need to click through to the retailer's website via your Wolves Rewards account using the links we provide before completing each purchase. This is how the retail partner knows that you are a Wolves Rewards member and allows the transaction to track automatically. The Wolves Cash will be added to your account as pending within 10 days of the initial purchase. 

Standard exclusions apply to all purchases with retailer partners and will stop you collecting Wolves Cash: 

  • A gift card or shopping card is used when completing the purchase. 
  • A voucher or discount code is used when completing the purchase. 
  • A purchase is cancelled, returned, or amended (whatever the reason). 
  • A pre-prepared basket - please note that when you click through, the basket must be empty before you can add the items and complete the purchase.
  • The order is not completed wholly online or in a single visit to the retail partner.
  • The retail partner’s terms and conditions for Wolves Cash collection have not been met (these will be detailed on the retailer page on the Wolves Rewards website).
  • Another referral site is awarded the commission for the transaction (e.g., comparison site, rewards site, search engine advertising).
  • A gift card, voucher or postage stamps have been purchased.
  • Some retailers have their own policies and restrictions on Wolves Cash collection eligibility. These can be found in the terms and conditions listed on each Wolves Rewards retail partner page. 

No. You will pay the same price at the checkout if you click through from the Wolves Rewards site, as if you shop directly with the retailer. 

Cookies are small bits of information that are stored on your browser. They simply store tracking information so that when you visit a retail partner via your Wolves Rewards account and make a transaction, the retail partner knows that you have come via your Wolves Rewards account and allocates the Wolves Cash to your account. 

If you have made a transaction and can’t see it on your account, can we please ask you to check a few things before getting in touch: 

  • Did you remember to click through from your Wolves Rewards account? If you didn’t, unfortunately we cannot raise a missing Wolves Cash claim for you. 
  • Have you allowed 10 days for the transaction to track automatically?
  • Did you use a voucher code when completing the transaction? Most retail partners do not offer Wolves Cash on purchase where a discount or voucher code was used. 

If you’ve checked these steps in full and would still to raise a missing Wolves Cash claim, please contact our Member Services team by emailing hello@wolvesrewards.members-services.com. Please remember to include the purchase confirmation email.

Once you’ve completed a transaction with a retail partner on the Wolves Rewards programme, the Wolves Cash collected via that transaction will show as ‘pending’. The length of time the Wolves Cash is ‘pending’ for will depend on the terms and conditions outlined by the retail partner (these are listed on each retail partner’s page on the Wolves Rewards website). Once the Wolves Cash has been ‘confirmed’ by the retail partner, the Wolves Cash will become ‘live’ on your Wolves Rewards account. 

‘Pending’ Wolves Cash can be removed or declined because: 

  • You cancelled or returned all or part of your transaction. 
  • You used a promotional or voucher code when completing your transaction. 
  • You are an existing customer of the retail partner and the offer at the time of your transaction was for new customers only (please refer to the terms and condition on the specific retail partner page on the Wolves Rewards website to check whether this applies). 

If you do not believe any of the above apply, then please contact our Member Services team by emailing hello@wolvesrewards.members-services.com. 

Please note that we will make all reasonable endeavours to secure the payment of commission on a transaction, but we do not and cannot make any guarantee in this regard.

Most retailers will not fund Wolves Cash on the VAT element of a transaction or the delivery fees. Please refer to the retailer's terms and conditions to check if this applies. This can mean that you have a lower purchase amount reported and consequently a lower Wolves Cash amount. 

If you feel that your Wolves Cash value is significantly less than you were expecting - and this isn't accounted for by the VAT, delivery, and other such costs, then please contact our Member Services team by emailing hello@wolvesrewards.members-services.com 

To collect Wolves Cash on your transaction, you do need to ensure that you have clicked through from your Wolves Rewards account and then complete your purchase immediately and wholly online. 

If you do forget to click through this means that there is no click record on your Wolves Rewards account to confirm that your transaction started from the Wolves Rewards website. As such, we are unable to raise a missing Wolves Cash claim with the retailer and will not be able to recover any Wolves Cash. 

Retailers must process each transaction before they send payment which allows us to fund your Wolves Cash. Some retailers, such as insurance companies have significantly longer validation periods and travel retailers will not begin to process your Wolves Cash claim until the travel is complete. 

We are in weekly communication with the retailers and will always try to have the Wolves Cash in your account at the earliest opportunity. 

General Information

The privacy and security of your personal information is extremely important to us, and we always maintain the highest levels of member confidentiality. Full details can be found in our Privacy Policy. 

There are a few ways you can submit a Subject Access Request. You can do this via the following: 

Online: Submit a query by emailing hello@wolvesrewards.members-services.com  

Address: Wolves Rewards, Suite 5-6 Faraday Court, Centrum 100, Burton Upon Trent, Staffordshire, DE14 2WX 

You must include what information you would like and ensure that you include the following information to help us complete the request:  

Your Full Name 

Date of Birth: 

Email Address (Linked to your account): 

Member ID: 


How long will this take to complete? 

The GDPR requires Wolves Rewards to respond to a DSAR within one calendar month of its receipt. 

What if I believe there is more information that's not been provided to me? 

As a Data Subject you are only entitled to your data, we may redact or not provide you with other people’s personal information. If you are unhappy with the information you received you can respond to the Data Protection Officer's email. 

If I’m still not satisfied with the information I have been provided, what do I do? 

If Wolves Rewards has not been able to answer all of your questions, you can make a complaint with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). Click here for more information.  

Can someone request a Subject Access Request on my behalf? 

Yes, you can authorise someone else to make a subject access request for you. However, you should consider whether you want the other person to have access to some, or all of your personal information. To do this you will need a letter of authority signed by the person whose data is being requested.  

How will I receive the information? 

You will receive this information via email in a password protected file. 

Can I use a Third Party DSAR service? 

Wolves Rewards will only respond to direct requests.   

We put service and commitment to our members at the heart of what we do. We strive to get it right, first time, every time. But occasionally, things don’t go as planned.   

Most complaints can be dealt with by our Member Services team, they will do their best to resolve the matter quickly, sympathetically and to your satisfaction. You can submit a query by emailing hello@wolvesrewards.members-services.com  

Refer a Friend

To refer a friend, you will need to send them your unique link that can be found here. You can contact your friend using email, Facebook, X or by copying the unique link and sending it via text or WhatsApp.

Once your friend has signed up to the programme, we will send you an email with an update. If you refer more than one friend and they sign up on the same day, you will just receive one email. You will also be able to see their progress on your monthly account statement.

You can refer an unlimited number of friends, and in turn receive an unlimited amount of Wolves Cash!

You will be able to see your friend’s progress on your monthly account statement. As soon as they’ve earned £5 Wolves Cash for online shopping, you’ll receive an email to let you know.

As soon as the referred friend has earned £5 Wolves Cash by shopping online with our retailer partners, an additional £5 Wolves Cash will be added to both the referee and referrer’s accounts.

Wolves Cash will remain as pending until the online retailer has validated a purchase. Once the retailer has agreed that the transaction is eligible for Wolves Cash, the Wolves Cash becomes ‘paid’, which means it's available to spend. Please see the FAQs on Online Retailer Partners for more information.

Only Wolves Cash your friend collects through ‘qualifying transactions’ with the Programme’s retail partners will count towards the referral bonus threshold of £5 Wolves Cash.

Refer a Friend is currently only available to members residing in the UK.