Member agreement

At a Glance

Wolves Rewards Membership Terms and Conditions 

These terms apply to membership of the Wolves Rewards Programme. We've set them out as a series of questions and answers so they're easier to understand, but they are legally binding terms, so please read and make sure you're happy with them before you apply to register as a member of the Programme. The key points are summarised below but we recommend you read the full terms. 

If you don't agree, that is absolutely fine, but you won't be able to become a member of the Programme and to receive the benefits that Members enjoy. 

At a glance… 

You should read these terms carefully as they create a contract between us which will be binding on you if you become a Wolves Rewards member. 

You can only become a Member if you are over 18.  

These terms explain how you collect Wolves Cash and that there are specific rules and exclusions which mean that you won't necessarily collect Wolves Cash on all transactions and engagement with our Partners. You need to familiarise yourself with these rules and the specific rules of our Partners. See paragraphs 7 and 8 below. 

Wolves Cash cannot be refunded, exchanged or redeemed for cash.  

As operator of the Programme, we are not responsible (and don't have any liability) for any products or services that you may buy using your Wolves Cash. Any claim lies solely against the Partner from whom you buy them. See paragraph 11. 

As a Member, we will send you e-mails about the benefits of Programme membership. See paragraph 13. 

You may lose your Wolves Cash if you cease to become a Member or if your Account is inactive for more than 6 months and becomes dormant. Please note, Wolves Cash earned directly with Wolves FC is not affected. See paragraphs 16 and 18

We reserve the right to correct errors and mistakes – see paragraph15. 

You agree to comply with our Online Behaviour Rules. See paragraph14 or click here. 

We have the right to change our terms. If you will be disadvantaged by any change, we will give you 30 days' notice and you can choose to spend your Wolves Cash and stop being a Member. See paragraph 17. 

There are restrictions on your rights to transfer your Wolves Cash to someone else. See paragraph22.