Member agreement

1. Who's who and what's what?

We’re R4G Limited (Trading as Rewards4), operator of the Wolves Rewards programme. We are registered in England with registered number 07347585 and our registered office is at 5/6 Faraday Court, First Avenue, Centrum One Hundred, Burton-On-Trent, Staffordshire, England, DE14 2WX. Please note that we are a separate company to Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club (1986) Limited.  

When we say "we", "our" and "us" in these terms, we mean R4G Limited and all of its parent and subsidiary companies, and all subsidiaries of its parent companies, together with all of our suppliers and providers who support the operation of the Wolves Rewards Programme. 

When we say "you" or "your", we mean any person who has validly registered to become a member of the Programme under these terms (see Who is eligible to be a Member? below) and for whom a Wolves Rewards account has been established. 

We also use some specific words and phrases that have particular meanings in these terms. So, when we use any of these words, they have these meanings: 

Account - the Wolves Rewards account we establish for you if you are accepted as a member of the Programme to which your Wolves Cash is credited and debited when you collect or spend it; 

Wolves – means Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club (1986) Limited (registered number 01989823), with whom a Member can both collect and spend their Wolves Cash; 

Member – a member of the Wolves Rewards Programme; 

Partner – means any organisation which participates in the Programme such as Wolves, Retail Partners, or other Programme Partners. A list of all Programme Partners who participate in the Programme can be found here

Wolves Cash – Wolves Cash which is credited to your Account as a Member; 

Programme - the Wolves Rewards programme which is more fully described in these terms; 

Website – means our website –